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Jean Smart has revealed that Harry Styles sneakily checks into hotels using the alias ‘Deborah Vance’ – a hilarious nod to her no-nonsense character in the popular HBO Max series Hacks.

The actress, 72, made the revelation as she joined Drew Barrymore on her self-titled show on Tuesday, telling her that the Watermelon Sugar singer is known to refer to himself as the larger-than-life comedian in a bid to escape unwanted attention.

She also revealed Harry, 30, is such a big fan of Hacks that he has sent her several lavish gifts since it first premiered in 2021 – despite the pair having never met. 

‘I have never met the man, unfortunately,’ she said. ‘But we did an episode where it shows that Deborah collects antique salt and pepper shakers.

Jean Smart has revealed that Harry Styles sneakily checks into hotels using the alias 'Deborah Vance' -  her character's name in Hacks

Watermelon Sugar singer Harry, 30, is said to be a huge fan of the HBO Max comedy series

‘And about a week or two after it aired, I get this beautiful bouquet of flowers and a package, and inside was this gorgeous vintage salt shaker that looked almost exactly like the one that we used in the show.

‘It was from H, and I found out it was from Harry because I knew his then-girlfriend, Olivia Wilde, and she told me that it was from him.

‘Then he gave me and my youngest tickets to his show.’

Jean, who shares son Connor, 34, and adopted teenager Forrest, 15, with her late husband Richard Gilliland, continued: ‘Then the next year he sent them again. 

‘Then we found out that he was using Deborah Vance’s name to check into hotels as his alias.

‘There was a picture of him standing next to his bodyguard and his bodyguard had the envelope with his keys and everything and it said “D Vance”.’

Fans of the show were enamored by Jean’s tale with one branding it the ‘most perfect TEA.’ 

Another described it as an ‘adorable story.’

Jean revealed that Harry has gifted her two vintage salt shakers as well as tickets to his show

The hitmaker also gifted Jean a 'beautiful bouquet of flowers' to celebrate the show

Harry is no stranger to picking unusual names in a bid to go incognito.

Last year, Daily Mail revealed his choice during a stay at Edinburgh’s five-star Caledonian had staff in fits of laughter. 

The former One Direction star booked in under the name ‘Oliver Sudden,’ which is believed to be a twist on the expression ‘all of a sudden.’

Jean stars opposite Hannah Einbinder in Hacks, created and showrun by Lucia Aniello, Paul W. Downs and Jen Statsky.

Jean plays legendary Las Vegas stand-up diva Deborah, who desperately needs to shake up her aging act to prevent herself from losing her residency.

Hannah plays exiled young comedy writer Ava, who is sent to work as Deborah’s new head writer.

The supporting cast also includes Megan Stalter and Kaitlin Olson, who have all had recurring roles since the first season.

Jean plays legendary Las Vegas stand-up diva Deborah Vance in Hacks

She stars opposite Hannah Einbinder, who plays young comedy writer Ava

Season two saw the arrival of several high-profile guest stars, including Margaret Cho and Wayne Newton, who play themselves.

Helen Hunt, Christopher Lloyd, and Tony Goldwyn were all confirmed for the third season which premiered on May 2 with two episodes.

Other confirmed guest stars include Mad Men alum Christina Hendricks, Emmy winner Dan Bucatinsky, and comedy veteran George Wallace.

The next two episodes will air on May 9. 

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