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Britney Spears

Britney Spears
Image Credit: Via Reuters

Troubled pop star Britney Spears sparked renewed concerns over her mental health after she was photographed leaving a plush hotel in LA in questionable state of undress.  

According to reports, the 42-year-old was spotted late Wednesday night leaving the Hotel Chateau Marmont after an ambulance was called to the hotel. In the footage that’s doing the rounds, Spears can be seen walking barefoot wrapped in a brown blanket and holding a pillow, wearing just white shorts. She was reportedly with her current boyfriend and convicted felon Paul Soliz at the hotel when paramedics were called in. 

A report published on Entertainment Tonight claims the Los Angeles Fire Department received a 911 call at around 12:42 a.m on Wednesday morning requesting aid for an injured adult female but the caller did not offer specifics regarding the injury. Reports are also doing the round that Spears and her boyfriend Soliz got into an argument that turned physical. Several hotel guests also complained of loud noises emnating from their room. 

Spears speaks out:

Spears was quick to respond to the latest controversy. She took to her Instagram claiming that the news of her having a nervous meltodwn is “fake”.

“Just to let people know … the news is fake !!! I would like respect at this time for people to understand I am getting stronger everyday !!! Truth sucks so can someone teach me how to lie ??? Goddesses out there, I’m reaching my higher power and furthermore, I hope you guys are too !!! I need a new toothbrush right now !!! PS … I need an espresso !!!,” wrote Spears on her Instagram page.

She also added that she had twisted her ankle that night and paramedics had showed up at her door illegally.

“They never came in my room but I felt completely harassed. I am moving to Boston !!! Peace,” she wrote.

Britney Spears

Britney Spears
Image Credit: Via Reuters

The actress also took to social media to accuse her mother Lynne Spears of being involved in the events leading up to and after the ambulance was called. The singer has never enjoyed a good relationship with her parents.

In November 2021, an LA judge terminated the controversial guardianship by her dad who had controlled pop star’s life for 13 years. Her father was removed from his position in charge of her finances and estate at a hearing in September of that year.

The conservatorship began after her highly public 2007 breakdown when the star attacked a paparazzo’s car at a gas station.

The latest episode at the LA hotel with paramedics trying to cart her out is a dent to Spears’ image. 

“I really twisted my ankle last night,” she says in the video. “It’s so bad … [Expletive] idiot here tries to do a leap in the living room of the Chateau and I fell. Embarrassed myself. And that’s it,” she said in the video.

In a now-deleted post, the ‘Toxic’ hitmaker also claimed that her mother called her right after the paramedics appeared and that in itself was suspicious.

“I know my mom was involved !!! I haven’t talked to her in 6 months and she called right after it happened before the news being out !!! I was set up just like she did way back when !!! I wish I had grandparents !!! I can’t stand her !!!,” she wrote.

Earlier this week, Spears and Sam Asghari settled their divorce after the fitness trainer filed for a legal split. According to documents obtained by ET, Asghari will not receive any financial compensation or spousal support as part of the settlement.

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