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Japanese design studio Kooo Architects creates the Hotel Rakuragu, a narrow structure in the middle of Tokyo. It has a unique shape that is defined by the cut-out balconies which are added to provide privacy for guests. It features nine stories and the buildings on both sides inspired the hotel. This space is designed so that the suite rooms will have larger balconies and the rooms with the smaller beds do not have balconies.

Co-founder of Kooo Architects, Ayaka Kojima explains the structure to Dezeen, “Planning windows and balconies on one side of a building for minimum lighting is typical. However, in a small hotel with a small room area such as this, if we unconsciously design the architectural framework as usual, the layout of the interior and the way guests spend their time will be restricted. As a challenge, we thought we could focus more on the gaps between buildings in the city centre and open up the daylight from the windows and balconies more boldly in multiple directions towards the surrounding gaps.”

Image Credit: Keishin Horikoshi/SS Tokyo

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