Following Britney Spears’ reportedly wild night at Chateau Marmont Wednesday, with reports describing her “out-of-control” behavior and a fight with her on-again, off-again boyfriend that prompted a police response, the troubled pop star went on Instagram Thursday to downplay the incident but to claim that her mother somehow escalated the drama.

Spears shared a video that displayed a swollen and bruised foot, saying she “really twisted” her ankle in a fall, like “an idiot,” apparently referring to the commotion the night before at the famed Los Angeles hotel. But Spears also used her caption to tear into her mother, Lynne Spears, accusing the matriarch of somehow being involved in the situation, which unfolded late Wednesday night and continued into the early morning hours of Thursday.

““I haven’t talked to her in 6 months and she called right after it happened before the news being out,” Spears said. “I was set up just like she did way back when !!!”

Page Six said it’s not entirely clear if Spears was blaming her mother for summoning the paramedics from the Los Angeles Fire Department. But Page Six said Spears seemed to be using her Instagram post to blame her mother for alerting the news media to the hotel altercation.

First responders rushed to the Chateau Marmont early Thursday morning over a 911 call and other reports, which said that a woman matching Spears description was screaming, “out of control” and might be having a mental breakdown. According to Spears, the paramedics came to her suite at the Chateau Marmont, which, she said, “caused this huge scene” and “which was so unnecessary and all I needed was ice.”

In a second clip, the Grammy winner appeared to cry while comparing her non-injured foot with the swollen one. Spears then accused Lynne Spears of somehow being complicit in the situation.

“I wish I had grandparents !!! I can’t stand her !!!” Spears fumed. “I honestly don’t care I will say it!!!”

Whatever went down, the reports of Spears’ “out-of-control behavior” at the Chateau Marmont are likely to fuel new speculation that the embattled singer is struggling with another serious mental health crisis, blowing through her fortune or needs a new conservatorship.

TMZ and Page Six reported Thursday that first responders rushed to an incident at the hotel, after Spears got into “a huge fight” with her boyfriend, Paul Richard Soliz, which left her crying and possibly injured.

According to TMZ, police had been called to the hotel a couple hours earlier, following a disturbance and a report that a woman matching Spears’ description was harassing and threatening hotel employees and guests. When officers arrived at 10:30 p.m., they found “no signs of trouble” and left, TMZ said.

At 11 p.m., Spears and Soliz retreated to a hotel room where they continued to party and to drink, TMZ reported. While in the hotel room, the couple got into an altercation that “turned physical.” During this altercation, Spears may have cut her leg.

Because Spears was screaming and “out of control” in the hallway of her suite, several guests grew alarmed that she was having a mental breakdown so paramedics were called, TMZ said.

A Los Angeles Fire Department spokesperson confirmed to Page Six that it received a 911 call from the hotel, reporting that an adult female had been injured.

“The caller did not have much information regarding the nature of the injury,” the spokesperson, Brian Humphrey, told Page Six. One ambulance was dispatched to the hotel and was on scene until about 1:17 a.m.

Humphrey said it was not clear whether first responders offered any treatment, but notes that they “did not transport anyone to the hospital.”

TMZ reported that a tearful-looking Spears left the hotel on her own accord, with photos published on the site showing the singer walking out with a pillow and a blanket wrapped around her. She did not get into the ambulance and left with her security — and without Soliz, TMZ said.

Spears reportedly ended up back home, “safe,” at her mansion in Thousand Oaks, Page Six said. A source told the outlet: “She is home and fine.”

This reported altercation involving Soliz, her former housekeeper, took place shortly after the singer settled her divorce from ex-husband Sam Asghari, Page Six said. Compared with all the other drama in Spears’ life, her 14-month marriage to Asghari ended relatively peacefully. The couple called it quits in August 2023.

“Britney is continuing to turn the page,” a source told Page Six early Thursday. Spears also recently reached a settlement with her estranged father, Jamie Spears, over her controversial 13-year conservatorship.

Jamie Spears oversaw the conservatorship, which the Grammy winner described as “abusive.” A Los Angeles County Superior Court judge terminated the conservatorship in November 2021.

But in recent weeks, TMZ and Page Six have reported that Spears has been freely spending money from her $60 million fortune, splurging on lavish vacations and other extravagances.

“She has no concept of money,” one insider told Page Six. “For over a decade, other people were in charge of her bank accounts, and every purchase had to be reported to the court — even if it was just a pack of gum. But now, she’s on her own.”

However, sources close to the situation denied to Page Six that Spears was close to “going broke.” Then again, TMZ shared an alarming assessment on Spears’ mental health  from Charles Sophy, a high-profile Los Angeles psychiatrist who is the former medical director for the County of Los Angeles Department of Children and Family Services.

Sophy, who is not treating Spears, opined on an episode of “TMZ Live” that the pop star appears to be “slowly unraveling,” given reports of her excessive spending and the “erratic,” “manic” behavior she displays on social media and elsewhere. Sophy said the conservatorship had been in place for a reason, even if her father wasn’t the best person to administer it.

“With a mental illness to this degree, you need that kind of supervision and structure,” Sophy told TMZ. He also believes that Spears is not taking her medication — and she needs it, he said. “She’s out of control on many levels,” he added.