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In anticipation of the upcoming Olympic and Paralympic Games, hotel occupancy rates in France have soared, with more than 50% of rooms already reserved for the weeks surrounding the events. Amadeus, a leading provider of travel technology solutions, has revealed insights into the surge in hotel bookings, highlighting significant increases in occupancy across major French cities.

Three months ahead of the Olympics, Amadeus’ Demand360+ business intelligence data indicates a substantial rise in hotel occupancy rates from July 26 to August 11, coinciding with the Olympic Games, and from August 28 to September 8, aligning with the Paralympic Games. Compared to previous years, occupancy rates for these periods have seen remarkable growth, with some weeks already exceeding 50% booked.

For instance, in Paris, occupancy rates for the weeks surrounding the Olympic Games have more than doubled compared to the same period last year. Similar trends are observed in other Olympic host cities like Lille, Lyon, and Marseille, where hotel occupancy rates have surged significantly.

The surge in hotel bookings is attributed to various factors, including the arrival of sports teams, media organisations, and global travellers flocking to France to witness the games. Flight searches to France have also seen a notable increase, especially to Paris, with interest from both domestic and international travellers.

Group bookings, primarily comprising business trips, have seen a substantial uptick, accounting for a significant portion of hotel occupancy rates during the summer months. Additionally, the Average Daily Rate (ADR) for hotel rooms in France has shown a considerable increase compared to previous years, reflecting the high demand for accommodations during the Olympic period.

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As excitement builds for the Olympic and Paralympic Games, Amadeus anticipates further growth in hotel bookings and flight searches in the months leading up to the events. With travellers from around the world eager to experience the games in the host country, cities across France are poised to continue witnessing a surge in hospitality demand.

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